Maintenance Plans

photo of Salem Street Car Care Center technician working on an engineYour vehicle is one of the most important investments you own, and one that you want to keep in top working condition, both for its long-term use and potential re-sale.

The 30, 60, 90K Support System

Fact: Properly maintained vehicles perform better, last longer and also provide better resale value.  When that maintenance is performed on a consistent schedule, it helps reduce the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns.  The maintenance plans from Salem Street Car Care Center means that you can keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.  Its is easy, cost-effective and hassle-free.

Salem Street Car Care Center performs all factory required maintenance on both cars and light duty trucks.  It’s not just about replacing parts—it’s about ensuring that your vehicle is running and performing at its best, regardless of your vehicle’s age or how many miles you’ve driven.  Our maintenance plans are customized to meet the demands of your vehicle that also meet manufacturer recommendations.

Each make and model is different, and so is the maintenance required to keep your vehicle on the road.  Coupled with My Garage, Salem Street Car Care Center’s new online service, we can customize a maintenance plan that takes care of the vehicle that takes care of you.

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